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A Buddhist Podcast - Part 4 of Chapter 2 Expedient Means & Wisdom Tonights lecture on Chapter 2 covers the phrase, Sho-i sha ga. Nyorai hoben. Chiken hara-mitsu. Kai i gu-soku! Thank you to my amazing Karen for making it possible and to the warm encouragement of Mr Johnny Hindes Thank you to everybody for downloading the show. The music tonight comes from Kevin Reeves and Bobby Gentry from music.podshow.com Best wishes to everyone
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A Buddhist Podcast - Part 3 of Chapter 2 Expedient Means and Earthly Desires We have reversed the running order of the show tonight, study first, music, experience, question and answers! The study is the 3rd lecture in a series on the Hoben Pon or the 2nd Chapter of the Lotus Sutra. We hope you enjoy it.
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Finally - A Buddhist Podcast Promo Finally, we have produced a promo! Let us know what you think. Thank you so much for subscribing to the show! Enjoy the rest of this week. Update on Lizzie Obard from John Marder,

"Lizzie woke up this afternoon. She has been looking at people and seems to hear things. The physio says she can move her limbs. She isn't fitting despite not being on the really heavy anti-convolsants. She  will continue to be sedated tonight and we think that tomorrow they will aim to bring her round properly and have her breathing herself. This is all such fantastic news and shows a massive turnaround since the awful things we were hearing on Friday. Of course there is still a long way to go in getting Lizzie better but what we have seen shows what all that Daimoku can do. Thank you so much to everybody and lets please keep that Daimoku rota roaring on for the fortnight and see fantastic proof. Thank you so much.

 Jason and Karen
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A Buddhist Podcast - Karen gets her own mic for Part 2 Chapter 2 Lotus Sutra Karen has her own microphone! Questions on Men and Women, differences between Nichiren Daishonins Buddhism and other forms of Buddhism and is chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo a meditation? The lecture/study talk is on the second page of Gongyo, the second part of Chapter 2 of the Lotus Sutra. Getting harder not easier, this was a real challenge of confidence to see it through. We hope you enjoy it. The show ends with "Panacea" from the Birthday Suit album by Bill from the Podsafe Music Network. If you like it, visit music.podshow.com. Podsafe Music Network is a great source of new music. Have a great week!
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