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A Buddhist Podcast - On the Treasure Tower We are back! Tonights show begins with a lecture on the letter Nichiren Daishonin worte to his 83 year old disciple Abutsu-bo. The letter is called On the Treasure Tower. Points include: An incredible seeking spirit; What is the treasure tower?; We are the treasure tower; What? You don't like your reality?; Forests of treasure towers; Seven kinds of treasure; The Gohonzon is the blueprint of our lives; The family treasure. After the lecture we play Here and Now by Mike Erelli from the Podsafe Music Network. Next up, Karen reads an experience from the wonderful Roxanne Rae. Then we have shoutouts that cross the globe and we have a special finish. We close with a beautiful song by the amazing Peter Robinson, its called A Piece of Mirror. If you are looking for more experiences about practicing this Buddhism, have a look at The Buddha Next Door, a wonderful book Have a great week and take great care!
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