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Tonight we are looking another passage from Nichiren Daishonin's letter to Sairen-bo, The Heritage of the Ultimate Law of Life. The theme of tonights lecture is the Bodhisattvas of the Earth and it includes the following headings!
What is Buddhism about?
Bodhisattva Superior Practices
Belief is not enough
The Mystic Law is life itself
What does Nam-myoho-renge-kyo mean?
Our lives are the candles of life
Flushing with the Mystic Law
Blowing away negativity
Nurturing life
Tapping our toes to the tune of the Mystic Law
Awakening others to the greatness within their lives
We have a wonderful experience from Jonathan Steele and shoutouts that stretch across the world!

Tonights music comes from the Podsafe Music Network. We play a great relaxing kick back tune from Slackstring called Sun Again Will Shine. Also tonight we have a really great tune from singer songwriter Amy Regan, what an amazing voice, she sings Everybody Needs Somewhere To Go.

Thank you for listening and for the wonderful comments and kind emails. Your support is really welcomed, have a great week.

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