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Another full show! Tonights lecture is on Nichiren Daishonin's teaching called, On The Buddha's Prophecy. The lecture is about the purpose of Buddhist practice. Some of the headings include: A Leap Month! Life at Ichinosawa Bodhisattva Medicine King Former, Middle and Latter Day of the Law Doing time in the "When I" Prison The teaching, the teacher and the mission What did the priests do for 700 years? The Soka Gakkai fullfills the Buddha's Prophecy Its time to create happiness We have President Ikeda's New Year's message for 2009, read by Ken George. There are shoutouts and music from Ioda Promonet including "Balance" by Sara Tavares which you can buy here at iTunes Music Store The second track we play tonight is by Cohen which is also availabe here!Gold Is Where You Find It (mp3) We are proud members of the Ioda Alliance! Thankyou for all your support and encouragement! Have a fantastic week.
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