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Welcome to another episode of A Buddhist Podcast. Tonight we continue with our new series of lectures on the Jigage portion of Gongyo by looking at the meaning of the words, Nyorai Juryo hon dai juroku! Haven't you ever wondered what it means? This poem of life is so amazing. Some of the headings include: What does gongyo mean? Lotus Sutra for the Latter Day of the Law Wisdom illuminates ignorance Nichiren Daishonin, the true Buddha Causing the sun of hope to dawn Shelley on Dante A practice to perpetuate Every character is a shining buddha Living the poem of life You can't use force to create change Our victories are your victories Walt Whitman, Song of Myself Seek out your true self! Live like the waterfall Once again the music for tonights show is a blatant expression of how much we love the music of Cat Malojian! We play Pettigoe and Life Rolls On, which you can find on iTunes! Thank you for all the comments, emails and messages of support, we truly appreciate every single last one of them. One last point, our love goes out to Dash and Donna, we are so happy to know that Donna is out of hospital and on the mend! Have a wonderful week.
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