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Happy New Year Everyone! On tonights show we have the stalwart William Woollard reading Chapter 10, 'The Challenge of Change' from his book, The Reluctant Buddhist. Jason reads SGI President Ikeda's New Year Message and Karen reads two great experiences from young women in England and the United States. As usual we have shoutouts that cross the globe and some great music! Tonight we play Harley Loudon's track, "Will You Listen" on the PMN. Also on the PMN we play Stingrays great track, '143'. Not on the PMN, but recorded in our kitchen we also play a new track called, 'Rocks for Gold' by the one and only Jimmy Golding. There is a competition, if you have one of our new decals, you can take a photograph of where you have put it and post it on Flickr.com or elsewhere and send the link and your mail address and size to us on the show. The image we like best, wins a TShirt! Jason is going to be in Austin, Texas for SXSW, if you are there and want to meet up then send us an email. Thank you all for your fantastic support and please take great care of yourselves wherever you are. Have a wonderful week.
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