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Welcome back to another episode of A Buddhist Podcast! On tonights show we have the amazing William Woollard reading Chapter 3, "So What's Religion All About?", from his book, Buddhism and the Science of Happiness.

We also have some questions about chanting and about the relationship between the priesthood and the SGI, frank and honest opinions from Jason. 

We have three great pieces of music courtesy of Mevio.com.  The first track is Katie Websters record, "Hard Loving Mama" ; the second is Tom Waits with "You Can Never Hold Back Spring" and finally we have Slackstring playing their timeless, kick back and relax "Sun Will Shine Again". If you like the music please check the Music page on our website where we have added links to help you find the music to buy if you want to.

Shoutouts to people from all over the world. You know every email, review on ITunes, shout out request, facebook message, tweet that we receive is such encouragement for us both, thank you for making the time to both listen to the show and to let us know you care. Have a fantastic week!

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