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Thank you so much for waiting. Welcome to the first show from our new home in Vancouver, Canada. Tonights lecture is based on some passages from a famous letter written by Nichiren Daishonin to his loyal disciple Shijo Kingo. My lecture is based on the first half of President Ikeda’s lecture on The Three Kinds of Treasure which can be found in SGI Newsletter No 7908. 

Shijo Kingo is in the middle of a huge struggle and has written to Nichiren for guidance in faith on how he should go forward. Some of the points we cover include:

Practicing as Nichiren taught

Encouraging each other revitalises the SGI

Treasuring others

The honest friendship of Nichiren and Shijo Kingo


Breakthroughs and victories

Huge targets and how we achieve them

The tragedy of jealousy

We have a lot of shout outs and almost as many questions! We play two tracks from the Podsafe Music Network on tonights show. First we play Falling by Grace Kelly and later we have Gravity by Geoff Smith (who does the intro music to the show!).

Thank you so much for listening and for your encouragement, support and patience while we have been moving! Have the best week of your lives and take great care of each other.

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