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Well, this one might come as a surprise! After reading the news last week and thinking about the news of this week and next, I thought I would try and get a lead on it with two brilliant talks from William Woollard on Negativity and Anger. William reads from his book The Case For Buddhism

I felt both of these chapters would be a compliment to one another and something to hold in mind as we go through these turbulent times. To keep our spirits up, Robin Lukas sings "Smile" from her album Beyond Paradise Edge.

More coming soon! Have an amazing week.

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Welcome to a fresh new podcast! William Woollard reads Chapter 8 from his very readable book, The Case For Buddhism. Its a slightly longer chapter about Buddhism in Daily Life. We play one of my favourite tracks called Pettigoe by Cat Malojian. More coming soon! Have a wonderful week.

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Welcome to another podcast! William Woollard continues his reading of his marvellous book, The Case For Buddhism. Tonights instalment is about Buddhist Practice. We play a marvellous track by Brian Blain called Ten Worlds. Its a brief show but I wanted to give you something while I continue to prepare more material! Have a fantastic week. 

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